Indoor Fields

Field One

Field One is our primary field where most of the players play. It is set up with 55 gallon drums and Cave pillars for cover. This field can hold up to 70 players at once (35 per team). Field One also features a large observation window with seating that runs the majority of the length of the field. Players taking a break or guests can spectate games safely and see a lot of the action without having to be on the field!

Field Two

Field two has a mixture of vehicles and 55 gallon drums. Field Two can accommodate 60 players or 30vs30. If Field One exceeds capacity, then Field One and Two can be combined into one larger field called “The Donut”. When combined, The Donut can hold over 150 players.

Field Three

Field Three has large wooden spools. The field is used as a Private Party field most of the time. You can rent the field with a Private Party booking and just have your group on the field.

Field Four

Field Four is Hyper Pipe with cover built out of barrels and large concrete and other pipe. It also has an observation window for spectating. We run the Young Guns and Family Guns on this field.

Field Five

Field Five is a Private Party field that you can rent and have all to yourself. It’s a mix of 55 gallon drums and concrete conduit.


We have a small Speedball field in the Cave. Great for drills or small games, this field uses recycled turf for flooring. It is a great option to keep your skills honed when the weather is bad or during the Winter season.

Outdoor Fields

Some Footage from our last Big game Earthlings vs Martians


The Fort Field is an old Civil War themed field. The focus is a 5,200 square-foot Fortress with a 360 degree walk around second floor balcony where you can stand over the top of the Fort walls and shoot at your opponents outside. The Fort also features six roofed towers on the second floor, one tower in each corner and two more on either side of the main entrance. Two additional side entrances allow for defenders to mount offensives outside the Fort and for attackers to approach from different directions. All of this makes for the biggest Fort in Kansas City.

Landing Zone

The Check Point field has 7 planes, 1 jet, and 2 helicopters spread throughout the field. It is the only field of its kind in Kansas City. This field is the one to tell your friends about!


We have a regulation NXL Field so you can play with the best of the best in the KC area and make some good friends while you’re at it.

Town Field

The Town field it set in the woods with 10’x12’ houses spread throughout. You can choose to sneak through the brush or use the hard cover of the buildings for a more head-on fight.