What To Expect

Plan Ahead

  • Print our Waiver beforehand and save some time on arrival
  • Plan to wear loose fitting clothing and old shoes, bring a change of clothes to ride home in
  • Bring a bag for soiled clothing and keep your car clean
  • Get directions here and get the only reliable route to Jaegers Paintball
  • Bring lunch or order Pizza Hut and stay a little longer (No alcoholic beverages)
  • Most parties spend two to four hours at JAEGERS
  • On average each player uses 100 paintballs an hour

When you arrive

  • After check in, we give all new players a safety presentation
  • Players then recieve their equipment and safety gear
    Safety Equipment: Mask, Neck Guard, Gloves, and a Bump Cap (small hard hat)
    Optional: Instead of wearing a bump cap you can purchase team colored bandanas
  • Wagons are available at the entrance to help bring your gear and party supplies in


  • Games run all day and each game lasts about 15 minutes with a 5 minute break in between games
  • Your party can take breaks any time you would like for as long as you like
  • All day its Blue team vs Yellow Team, teams are balanced each game
  • Last game ends 30 minutes before close


  • We offer free wifi and a heated waiting room
  • Observers may want to bring a sweater, its cool underground

  • Does it hurt? It feels like a snap of a wet towel, so Yes, sometimes it hurts.
  • Do paintballs stain your clothes? Our field paint does not stain but we don't recomend washing your playing clothes with your good clothing.