Getting Started In Tournament Paintball

Tournament Paintball is an exciting and competitive way to play paintball that is easy to start, but difficult to master!

How to start a team:

Starting a team is as easy as getting a few friends together, or finding other players looking for a team and deciding on a team name! Finding other players can be done online through regional sections of forums such as, or by finding players at a local field during regular days of play. Joining an existing team is an option as well. Finding an existing team can be as easy as looking online, approaching a team at a local field, or even finding a team’s Facebook and messaging them there. If you decide to start your own team be sure to keep the team name appropriate. Many fields and tournaments won’t allow team names with foul language, innuendos, etc. Shorter team names are best as well. 2-3 words is a recommended length. Don’t get too hung up on a team name, it’s your team! Choose something you like or you think sounds cool. You can always change the name later if you decide to.


Majority of Tournaments have qualifications to help keep the playing field level. National leagues use the APPA ( to keep track of player’s rankings. APPA starts with Beginners, then Division 5 (D5 - just above beginner) through Division 1 (D1- semi-pro), and finally maxes out at Pro (just above D-1). Making an APPA account is free and fun, but not needed to play in Jaegers events. Jaegers uses 4 levels of Tournament qualifications:


Tournament players even at the Beginner level usually have some paintball experience and have their own equipment. Many players upgrade their equipment just to advance into tournament play. Player can use lower level equipment, but generally players will have a nice mask above the beginner level, electronic guns, electronic hoppers for their guns, and HPA (High pressure air) tanks for their guns. Additional equipment common in tournaments is pod packs (to carry more paintballs), and padded jerseys and pants. Many players also have a layer of pads underneath their jerseys and pants (most tournaments limit to 2 layers, pads, and outer wear). Optional equipment includes headbands and other head protection, gloves, cleats (check with fields for cleat restrictions), barrel swabs, loader feedgates, tank covers and other small additions.