Getting Started in Paintball

Paintball is an extreme sport with an excellent safety record, but is still intimidating to many people. This page is intended to help potential new players decide if paintball is something they want to try and how to try it. First thing we want to do is clear up some misconceptions that some people have by answering some frequently asked questions:

Does Paintball hurt?

Yes, it hurts a little. A bad paintball hit will feel about like being snapped with a wet towel. Most hits from a paintball will feel like a hard snap from a rubber band, and some hits can feel as weak as a tap on the shoulder! Paintball hits typically leave a “welt” which is a slightly raised bump of skin with a bruise of varying severity. These marks typically disappear within a week or two. Extreme hits may break the skin slightly and cause minor bleeding, but these are uncommon. How much a paintball hurts depends on a few factors.

Is Paintball safe?

Yes! Paintball is a very safe sport with an excellent safety record! Majority of Paintball related injuries are twisted or sprained ankles or the occasional broken wrist or arm from falling. Be sure to watch your step and look where you are running! However, Paintball guns, or “markers” can be dangerous if mistreated.

Who can play Paintball?

Almost anyone! Most fields have a minimum age requirement to participate. JAEGERS minimum age to play paintball at our facility is 10 years old. We do offer Lazertag as an alternative that is available to players 5 and up. All participants must sit through a safety presentation that explains rules for play. The presentation is given by a JAEGERS referee. If any member of your party does not understand English then they will need an interpreter from your group to ensure they fully understand all safety rules. Following these rules is each player’s responsibility, and violators will not be able to continue play and may be asked to leave without a refund. Although not recommended, we have had deaf, blind, and wheelchair bound participants play paintball with just their group in a private party with the assistance of guides from their party. Please contact us if your party has any additional accommodation needs and we will do our best to see if paintball is a possibility for your group!

Why play Paintball?

Because it’s fun! Paintball is classified as one of the only team-based extreme sports. Playing often gives an adrenalin rush and is very exhilarating. Players expend quite a bit of energy too, playing is a fun way of getting in some physical activity in. Overall, Paintball is an awesome experience and good exercise!

How do you play Paintball?

Playing paintball is fairly easy, but becoming skilled takes experience! At the basic level, Paintball boils down to “Shoot the opposing players” and “Don’t get shot”. Beyond that, more advanced game types can be played. These can include flags to capture, “VIP” players to protect, “multiple lives” games with respawns, or anything else you can think of! Most games have 2 teams with some method of telling teams apart. This can be colored hats, armbands, or even matching jerseys at the competitive levels. A team starts at a start point on opposite side of the field, and the referee starts the game. The game is played until the referee stops the game. During the game if you are hit by a paintball that breaks open yell “Hit!” and raise your gun above your head to show you are eliminated. Head towards the exit of the field or “deadzone” and keep your mask on and gun over your head. It is best for the referee to have a whistle or some other effective method of signaling the end of a game in case the game has to be ended early in the event of an emergency. If the game ends, be sure to put your barrel cover/plug on your gun and keep your mask on.

What do I need to bring to play Paintball?

If you are renting at a field you will need to bring the following:

And that’s all there is to it! If you haven’t played paintball yet, come on out and give it a try! Most players have a great time and definitely want to play again! Many end up pursuing paintball as a regular hobby!