• Registration

    Entry Fees (Includes CO2 and HPA)
    • $110 Per Team Today through Day Of Event

    • Registration
    • 8-8:45 AM
    • Captains Meeting
    • 9:30 AM
    • Games Start
    • 10:00 AM

    • 1st 2X Empire Mini GS's + trophies
    • 2nd 2X HK Speed Loaders + trophies
    • 3rd 2X V Force Profiler goggles + trophies

    • Indoor speedball room
    • Players must have played less than 4 tournaments Must be 16 years of age, or younger.


  1. NO Cussing
  2. Shooting off-field paint will be cause for forfeiture of the game.
  3. Application and Interpretation of ANY and ALL tournament rules are always at the discretion of the head referee and the reffing staff.
  4. Stepping out of bounds is an automatic elimination.
  5. There is NO "quarter-sized" or "dime-sized" shot rule. A hit is a hit and a break is a break. 10 points are awarded for every eliminated opponent.
  6. One full step must be taken for the flag PULL to count. Flag Pulls are worth 30 points
  7. If the flag is hung by a shot player, the game is over and the hang will not count.
  8. The flag hang counts for where it is hanged, not by who hangs it. Be sure to hang the flag on your OPPONENT'S start box. Flag hangs are worth 50 points
  9. Spectator interference is grounds for disqualification.
  10. All equipment must meet manufacturer safety guidelines.
  11. Players not on the field within one minute of game time, forfeit.
  12. Only the winning team is required to sign the score sheet. If the winning team forgets to sign, they receive ZERO points for the game.
  13. No dead-men walking or faking eliminations.
  14. No jumping over props or bunkers.
  15. Mid-tournament substitutions are not allowed for non-rostered players.
  16. Players not on the team roster may NOT play in games.
  17. No more than two layers of clothes and no covers allowed on equipment.
  18. Field Chrono 275 fps. Chrono on field prior to game start.
  19. No talking after elimination, automatic 1-for-1 elimination.
  20. Player cannot drop pod packs or guns. Only pods and squeegees.
  21. No Overshooting, break limit of 5 breaks, after 5 breaks 5 point penalty for each break.
  22. Barrel plug/sock MUST be on when not on playing field.
  23. NO neutral players unless specifically stated by a ref.
  24. Masks on at all times when on the field.
  25. Games are limited to 2 minutes.
  26. Only captains may talk to refs about a call, if non-captain player argues with refs, there is a penalty of 20 points.
  27. When eliminated go behind and sit behind start/dead box. NO talking in dead box or penalty or 20 point penalty.
  28. Early start is an automatic elimination.
  29. Five second pause before start of game. Barrels touching start/dead box. No playing the dead box.
  30. Playing on with obvious hit 1-for-1. ("On player" and team mate eliminated.)
  31. Wiping 1-for-1. (Wiper and team mate are eliminated.)
  32. Fire mode is Semi-automatic only. No D-Bounce or Trigger Bounce permitted on the field.
  33. Only ages 10 to 16 years of age

Registered Teams

  • Backlash
  • Blackout
  • Bottom Boys
  • Brotania
  • DBC
  • Haribo Red Bears
  • Hitmen Two Actual
  • JR Missouri Allstars
  • KC crusaders
  • Kings
  • Pueblo West Titans
  • Team Eat My Paint