Speedball Practice Tournament Starting Sun Jun 26th, 2016

  • Registration

    Entry Fees (Includes CO2 and HPA)
    • $15 Per Team Today through Day Of Event
  • Speedball Practice

    Join us every third Sunday Of the month for speedball practice
    • Participants will get access to the Speedball field for Speedball practice and discounts on paint! Field fees are $15 and cases of paint are $45 for that day only. Speedball participants will only be allowed to play on the speedball field. The speedball field will be open other weekends (Fri-Sun) for the remainder of the summer at regular price.
  • It's $15 a person not a team you don't have to call to register just show up that day.

  • Members will still save on the field fee but do not get an additional paint discount. No rentals on the speedball field. Players with their own equipment only. Any other weekend speedball is set up it will be regular price. The $45 paint is only allowed on the speedball field