Big Game -- Cancelled, sorry. Big Game Sat May 21st, 2016

  • Registration

    Entry Fees (Includes CO2 and HPA)
    • $45 Per Player Today through May 17th
    • Must be Pre-Registered to participate, no registrations accepted day of event


  1. NO Cussing.
  2. Field chrono limit is 275 fps
  3. All firing modes allowed capped at 10bps
  4. Masks on at all times when on the field.
  5. Barrel plug/sock MUST be on when not on playing field.
  6. No Overshooting.
  7. JAEGERS field paint only, no off field paint allowed
  8. No jumping over props or bunkers.
  9. No dead-men walking or faking eliminations.
  10. All equipment must meet manufacturer safety guidelines.
  11. There is NO "quarter-sized" or "dime-sized" shot rule. A hit is a hit and a break is a break.
  12. Application and Interpretation of ANY and ALL tournament rules are always at the discretion of the head referee and the reffing staff.
  13. Rules are subject to change without notice

Registered Players

  • CDC
    10 players
  • Zombies
    12 players