Battle For The Old West Big Game Sun Apr 30th, 2017

  • Registration

    Entry Fees (Includes CO2 and HPA)
    • $45 Per Player Today through Apr 28th
    • Must be Pre-Registered to participate, no registrations accepted day of event
  • Battle For The Old West

    The Open Range 10:00am to 12:00pm
    • Take and hold three different locations on the field. Each location will be scored at the 15 minute marks. Each location is worth 50 points. Addition props on the field worth points if found and taken to designated drop off locations.
    • Gunslingers will start on the Speedball field. Outlaws will start on the Town field.
    Lunch Break Lunch Break
    They Ride Into Town 1:30pm to 3:00pm
    • The Gunslingers will hold the Town while the Outlaws try to take it. Every 15 minutes three locations in the town will be scored. Each location is worth 50 points. If the Gunslingers are kicked out of town they will then become the attacking team.
    • Gunslingers will start in the Town field.
    The Final Stand 4:00pm to 5:30pm
    • The team with the least amount of points will defend the Fort. Every 15 minutes the Fort will be scored 100 points. If the attacking team overtakes the Fort it will then switch roles and the defenders will attack.
    • Least amount of points starts in the Fort. Attacking team will start outside the Fort.
    Game Reinsertion During Game Play
    • Eliminated players will be reinserted every 15 minutes on the hour. A Referee will walk the players out and reinsert them back into play.
  • Rental Equipment

    Guns (No Paintballs Included)
    • Does Not Include Entry Fee
    • Tippmann 98 custom is $10
    • Tippmann Alpha Black is $25
    • Empire Axe is $40 (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)
    • $3
    Air Tanks
    • CO2 is $2
    • HPA is $5


  1. All equipment must meet manufacturer safety guidelines.
  2. No dead-men walking or faking eliminations.
  3. There is NO "quarter-sized" or "dime-sized" shot rule. A hit is a hit and a break is a break.
  4. Application and Interpretation of ANY and ALL tournament rules are always at the discretion of the head referee and the reffing staff.
  5. Rules are subject to change without notice
  6. No jumping over props or bunkers.
  7. JAEGERS field paint only, no off field paint allowed
  8. All firing modes allowed capped at 12.5bps
  9. Field chrono limit is 275 fps
  10. Masks on at all times when on the field.
  11. Barrel plug/sock MUST be on when not on playing field.
  12. No Overshooting.
  13. NO Cussing.

Registered Players

  • Gunslingers
    31 players
  • Outlaws
    33 players