About Us

Welcome to Jaegers Paintball!

Jaegers Paintball originated out of the enjoyment of playing paintball. The founders started playing paintball in the early 90’s. Typical of the midwest, one time we went to play and it began to rain which started talk about how cool it would be to be able to play paintball at any given time. A business plan was developed that would focus on safety and customer satisfaction and offer a year round paintball experience in a unique environment. It wasn’t until after the plan with these focus points that the search for a location began. We looked for a venue that would allow paintball play anytime regardless of the season or weather. Eventually the idea to try a cave or limestone mine came up as the best option.

We found the cave, locked in the business plan and opened the world’s first and only underground paintball field on December 3 1994. Focusing on safety and customer satisfaction was our plan and to have the most awesome paintball field in the world was our goal.

Shortly after opening the field, we opened our Pro Shop (Retail Store). Our goal was to have the best air smiths to support our players and their equipment. We offered a full line of paintball guns and accessories to help meet all players needs - from the first timers to seasoned players. We still strive to have the best prices possible and keep the latest and best equipment available.

We currently operate 6 unique underground indoor playing fields and 4 outdoor fields which include a frontier fort field, a woods ball field and a competitive speed ball field. Opening in the Fall of 2015 will be our newest outdoor field with a military theme. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we continue to provide the best paintball experience, the best trained referrees and the most current merchandise, and we thank you for your continued support of Paintball.

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